Blog no.13

Websites and prototypes

The Mapback Index (

A black web page with pictures of paperback covers on it. The title is "The Mapback Index."
The front page of the Mapback Index

The Mapback Index is an ongoing project–a catalog of the Dell “mapback” paperbacks of the 1940s and 50s. I hand-coded it in HTML, CSS, and PHP. I designed and developed the MySQL database and the entire front end.

I have entered about 500 records so far, and have uploaded more than 300 cover scans, from my own collection and from others (with enthusiastic permission). This is a collector’s resource, not a repository of high-res vintage art.

Communications in Information Literacy redirect page (

The Communications in Information Literacy redirect page

When Communications in Information Literacy moved to a hosted publishing platform, we still needed a page to archive our old issues and direct long-time readers to the new site. I designed and coded (again, by hand) this page, using HTML and CSS Grid.

Website prototypes in Adobe XD

Website prototype in Adobe XD

A mockup of a website for my collection of Frankoma pottery. I took all the photographs and used them in this prototype. You can view this interactive prototype on Creative Cloud.

Website prototype in Adobe XD

Here I tried it in green (very close to the Frankoma “Prairie Green” glaze), but I didn’t like the way it looked.

Mobile website mockup

This is a mockup of a mobile-friendly splash page for a completely fictional non-profit dedicated to restoring the Stovall theater in Sayre, OK.

I took this photo sometime in the early 2000s and altered it in Photoshop; I’ve always wanted to do something more with it. [The last time I visited Sayre there were some efforts underway to restore the Stovall. I have no idea if those have progressed since then, but it has always seemed like a good idea.]

Social Media and Branding

From 2018 to 2021 I worked as the Administrator for Hope Unitarian Church in Tulsa, OK. I produced weekly social media posts, orders of service, email newsletters; and kiosk slideshows, as well as a monthly newsletter and other occasional publications.

Canva designs

All of my Canva designs are my own (no premade templates). They are sized for Facebook events, as this size works well for the publications I used them in too.

Homecoming Campaign 2020, Hope Unitarian Church

I used a photo I took on the grounds at Hope (a monarch, to symbolize “homecoming”) and used Photoshop to design the postcards, vinyl banner to display on the street, and graphics for social media and the website for the “Come Home to Hope” 2020 Homecoming campaign.

Print and Email Newsletters

This is one issue of the monthly newsletter that I published for Hope Unitarian Church. During my time there, I improved the newsletter by creating a template in Microsoft Publisher that was optimized for both print and PDF by standardizing the number of pages so that it could be printed on tabloid-sized paper (plus a one-page calendar insert) and folded for mailing, as well as printed to PDF. The calendar insert could be printed by itself by those who wanted to do that. I standardized the color palette and added more images and white space to make it more attractive. I added general information to the sidebar on the front page, as well as a table of contents.

Posters, programs, and orders of service