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Open Tab Tuesday (June 8, 2021)

Top Ten Git Tips and Tricks

Useful tips for using Git, by Julie Kent. I agree with Julie: “Git is not fun. Git is not friendly. No. It’s just infuriatingly useful, so we’re stuck with it.” (There’s an intro article too: How Does Git Work?)

The right tag for the job: why you should use semantic HTML

This is a great explanation of why to use semantic HTML. It covers some of the ways that screen readers read your HTML. I’ve been using semantic HTML for a long time, but there were things in here that I did not know.

The Ablegamers Pride Heart T-shirt

I was going to add a photo of it here, but my CSS and WordPress’s defaults are still battling it out. So until I can figure out where those mysterious auto-added classes are coming from and how to override them, trust me that this is an AMAZING shirt featuring a rainbow heart made up of game controllers, and click on through to see it. Proceeds benefit AbleGamers and GaymerX, two very worthy causes.

A Cornucopia of Container Queries

CSS-Tricks has rounded up all the articles you could want to read (this week, anyway) about CSS container queries.

Who Pays for Open Source?

Mostly… nobody. Morten Rand-Hendrickson (the instructor of some excellent classes I’ve taken on LinkedIn Learning) explains how the dependencies we–and more importantly, huge corporations that make tons of money off those dependencies–are often developed and maintained for free, by the open source community.

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