Blog no.13

Sunday Tabs – 8/20/23

I was thrilled this week to find that one of my favorite sites from the Flash era, orisinal, has been recreated with a Flash emulator. Orisinal had the most beautiful graphics, the coolest music, the cutest games… it was a minor obsession for me in the early 2000s. My favorite game, Cats, is like, well, herding cats. Give it a try.

DeForest Kelley’s 1968 Thunderbird is for sale. It’s a surprisingly affordable $12,900 and has just 69,000 ORIGINAL MILES on the speedometer. It does look a little rough, because apparently it was his daily driver for more than 20 years.

The Banned Book Club gives everyone access to banned books: download the app, create your “card,” and then check out the books you might not be able to find on the shelves at your library or school, thanks to the dimwitted dullards who are currently in charge of a truly dismaying number of US states right now. I hope things like this become unnecessary again one day soon, but for now, this is pretty cool.

The Ancient Technology Keeping Space Missions Alive is such a great story. I take just a bit of exception to the work “ancient,” since everything they’re talking about is within my lifetime, but in tech years, I guess it’s still pretty ancient.

MDN (formerly the Mozilla Developers’ Network, I think? It seems to have given itself the KFC treatment and just be “MDN” now) is starting up a front-end developer curriculum. I think this could be a welcome development (ha!) to get students, experienced developers, hiring managers, and maybe even educators on the same page.

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